13 Tips and Tricks for Writing High-Conversion Emails

13 Tips and Tricks for Writing High-Conversion Emails
Published in : 02 Aug 2022

13 Tips and Tricks for Writing High-Conversion Emails

The way businesses engage with their clients has significantly changed as a result of the epidemic. As more businesses invest in digital marketing, a number of new trends and tendencies emerge. For instance, email marketing has never been more common and is now ingrained in daily life.

Although this is undoubtedly fantastic news, businesses still face certain obstacles. They are interested in learning how to outperform the competition with the aid of an efficient email marketing plan. And that is just what we will talk about in this essay.

13 Impressive Things to Include in Your Email

A growing portion of content will be devoted to visual storytelling, which is an obvious trend. Photos and interactive content are far better perceived today than plain text, which is no longer sufficient. What more should the email contain, though, to ensure that it is read?

User-created material

User-generated content is one of the simplest and most powerful ways to entirely transform your email marketing. Additionally, it is free and simple to utilize in your mails. It is a tried-and-true method for increasing organic traffic and converting new clients.

Include poll results, images of satisfied customers, and good reviews to boost audience trust and loyalty while while creating amazing content. Users should be encouraged to share their reviews and images on social media and embed them in your emails.

synthetic intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is still not widely used in commercial practices. However, experts agree that it is currently among the most effective email marketing techniques. You won't be able to gather and evaluate data the way AI will, even with the newest tools and plenty of spare time. Here are some applications for it:

  • predicting user response,
  • optimization of surveys
  • Including keywords
  • a reduction in sending times,
  • When writing topic lines,
  • deleting customers who don't reply to the letters, among other things.Images, motion graphics, and animation

The design of emails is the following tool. Plain texts are outdated; instead, focus on producing visually appealing content if you want to increase conversion rates. The simplest choice is to choose images that are connected to your campaign, message, or recently released product.

Videos featuring instructive segments, explanations, reviews, and other content can also be included. Use a screen recorder on your Mac or Windows PC to record a tutorial on how to use the software you intend to advertise. After that, edit your video to correct any flaws and add stickers, titles, and other components to your file. Animated backgrounds, GIFs, and moving icons are excellent ways to make the emails more engaging. But exercise caution because these factors affect loading speed.

Send occasional text-only emails.

Even if readers are drawn to modern emails' vibrant colors, images, and videos, there are moments when they become too much. Marketing professionals claim that plain text and minimalistic design are in style, so follow their advise if you only need to clearly communicate a point.

A straightforward writing with bullet points is appealing to the eye, concise, and convincing. And amid texts with all the bells and whistles, it will undoubtedly feel refreshing.

distinct subject lines

Half of success is knowing how to successfully embed video, photos, and GIFs into the content. The material itself should be captivating and interesting, and the subject line should be excellent. Keep in mind that your emails must be targeted towards a particular issue, requirement, or user group. The greatest method to draw attention to it is to write a compelling subject line.

It is best to simply write it at the time the email is created. As a result, you'll already be aware of the main elements and can condense them into 65 to 70 characters. The subject line ought to be direct, intriguing, and concise.


The personalisation of the emails should always be considered if you want to increase conversion. Use this desire to your advantage because you all want to be valued and taken into consideration. Using names in the subject line of emails is the simplest method to personalize them. However, if you're looking for something more advanced, check these tools:

  • To send emails at the perfect time, consider your location.
  • Display products that are comparable to those that users have looked for or ordered,
  • Promote relevant products and services,
  • the products you left in the cart,
  • Send customized promotions depending on age, gender, and nationality.

Include enticements

Create incentives if you want your email campaign to be successful. Discover the preferences of the target audience and cater to them. Time-limited promotions, restricted quantities of specific products, freebies, refunds, trial periods, loyalty promotions, VIP managers, and other tactics are among the most effective ones.

In the dark

The dark color palette is one of the hottest trends in digital marketing for 2021. Slack, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and other well-known products all have this option. Hundreds of email templates employ the dark mode as well, regardless of the subject and layout. Here are a few explanations for why users adore it:

A more individualized and private experience is produced by the darker UI.

  • It makes eyesight easier.
  • It makes stuff easier to read.
  • Reduced screen brightness in dark mode extends battery life.

Take advantage of your newsletters.

Over time, the marketing strategy has undergone significant change. Emails are being utilized for more than just professional correspondence; they may also be used to share insights, tell stories, and communicate with an audience. They are assimilating with newsletters and evolving into the core of any marketing strategy.

A fantastic way to add value is to give the audience news, updates, and advice on the industry. The readers would be delighted if you include a personal narrative and multiple reliable references.

Here are some guidelines for producing eye-catching newsletters:

Offer information that is exclusive and not available on your website, blog, or social media.

  • Be aware of your focus, or the audience you are writing for.
  • The text should be straightforward but memorable.
  • Use a social media sample to draw attention.
  • Use external resources, such as links and quotes,
  • talk about hot subjects.

Show gratitude

One of the finest methods to foster client loyalty and trust is to demonstrate your appreciation for them and your commitment to them. Don't forget to send birthday wishes, thank-you notes, and other expressions of gratitude after making a purchase. Many companies design special emails just for front-line employees and doctors during pandemics to express gratitude. This is an excellent illustration of the Inverted Pyramid Method in action, where personalisation encourages users to click right away.

Pick the appropriate builders and templates.

Not every email needs to be written from scratch. Even if you've never worked in email marketing before, there are a ton of builders and template databases available. But keep in mind that before adopting any template, you need have prepared content. The attempt to force the text into a chosen arrangement will ultimately fail.

You can modify the letters in any way you can think of with the aid of email builders, and you can deliver your message in an understandable and appealing way. The best part is that most builders only need dragging and dropping the parts, so you don't even need to know how to code.

Security and privacy

It is not enough to utilize eye-catching themes, monitor your KPIs, and invest in the newest technologies to create email campaigns that stand out. Additionally, you must persuade users that their data is secure. Inform them of the encryption techniques used and how you plan to use the data you have gathered. Don't forget to let the customers know if future data privacy improvements are being contemplated. Additionally, make sure it is simple to unsubscribe from newsletters.

Developing the CTAs

The importance of topic lines was already covered above. It's time to discuss call-to-action, or CTA, another essential component. Whether you are sending a news summary or introducing readers to a new product, we advise utilizing it in every single email you send.

When developing your calls to action, take into account the following:

  • They ought to be positioned center-aligned and at maximum width.
  • Make the CTA text and button more noticeable than the other text by
  • The CTA should be noticeable and large.
  • Incorporate a second call to action for readers who may have missed the first one

Businesses must adapt to the times in order to stay afloat as well as to outperform the competition in 2021, a year of many chances and difficulties. Use the strategies covered above to increase conversion and reach the customer's inbox. For writing newsletters and adding polls, we also advise using email marketing software. Always keep in mind that a smart strategy is one that utilizes a variety of tools and techniques.